Somerset County MD Civil


Somerset County Cultural Features: Civil

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Name County USGS Topo Map
City of Crisfield Somerset Crisfield
District 1, West Princess Anne Somerset Princess Anne
District 10, Smith Island Somerset Kedges Straits
District 11, Dames Quarter Somerset Deal Island
District 12, Asbury Somerset Crisfield
District 13, Westover Somerset Kingston
District 14, Deal Island Somerset Deal Island
District 15, East Princess Anne Somerset Princess Anne
District 2, Saint Peters Somerset Monie
District 3, Brinkleys Somerset Kingston
District 4, Dublin Somerset Pocomoke City
District 5, Mount Vernon Somerset Monie
District 6, Fairmount Somerset Marion
District 7, Crisfield Somerset Great Fox Island
District 8, Lawsons Somerset Marion
District 9, Tangier Somerset Deal Island
Town of Princess Anne Somerset Princess Anne
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