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Allegany County Cultural Features: Civil

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Name County USGS Topo Map
City of Cumberland Allegany Cumberland
City of Frostburg Allegany Frostburg
District 1, Orleans Allegany Artemas
District 10, Lonaconing Allegany Lonaconing
District 11, West Frostburg Allegany Frostburg
District 12, East Frostburg Allegany Frostburg
District 13, Mount Savage Allegany Frostburg
District 14, Cumberland Allegany Cumberland
District 16, North Branch Allegany Patterson Creek
District 18, Midland/Shaft Allegany Lonaconing
District 2, Oldtown Allegany Oldtown
District 20, Corriganville/Ellerslie Allegany Cumberland
District 21, Gross Allegany Evitts Creek
District 22, Cumberland Allegany Evitts Creek
District 23, Decatur Allegany Cumberland
District 24, Eckhart Allegany Frostburg
District 26, Frostburg Allegany Frostburg
District 29, La Vale Allegany Cumberland
District 3, Flintstone Allegany Flintstone
District 31, McCoole Allegany Lonaconing
District 34, Bedford Road Allegany Evitts Creek
District 4, Cumberland Allegany Cumberland
District 5, Wills Creek Allegany Evitts Creek
District 6, Cumberland Allegany Cumberland
District 7, Cresaptown/Bel Air Allegany Cresaptown
District 8, Westernport/Luke Allegany Westernport
District 9, Barton Allegany Barton
Town of Barton Allegany Barton
Town of Lonaconing Allegany Lonaconing
Town of Luke Allegany Westernport
Town of Midland Allegany Lonaconing
Town of Westernport Allegany Westernport
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